Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bored at the Office

I'm really, really bored, so in an attempt to be introspective, I'm going to write 25 things about me that people may or may not know.

  1. I was born in Mississippi, but I consider Texas to be my home for sure.
  2. I have extreme road rage at times. Ask my close friends.
  3. I'm a mama's boy.
  4. I have very few gay friends; the vast majority of my friends are straight males.
  5. Even though I despise it at times, I know I will miss working in restaurants.
  6. When it comes to drinking, most of the time, I prefer beer over anything else.
  7. I pretend to be much nicer than I really am.
  8. I very, very rarely cry; not my thing. It's easier to just be angry.
  9. I'd rather eat at a local place than a chain any day.
  10. I don't like coffee; I'm weird; I know. Please stop gasping when I say it.
  11. I'm a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, largest social fraternity in the world.
  12. People abusing animals makes my blood boil.
  13. I want to have a library in my house.
  14. I also want to have a wine cellar/bar in the house.
  15. I want to live in a city, but I'll always have a soft spot for the country.
  16. I love my friends, but I hate weddings. If I go, it's for the open bar.
  17. I do not use any form of racist/prejudiced/bigoted language. It's foul.
  18. My favorite cookies are oatmeal chocolate chip.
  19. I love hearing history; I hate learning it.
  20. I suck at being by myself; I'm a very social being. One person's company is enough.
  21. I'd rather buy an excellent photograph than a painting.
  22. I love to cook, but hate doing dishes more than I love cooking, so I eat out a ton.
  23. I play up my southern accent for people up north because it makes me more intriguing.
  24. I have two dogs, and they are like my children.
  25. I need to know things. I don't like secrets.
Yeah, I'm that bored.


  1. Nothing about being a founding member of the bitch clique? I am disappointed.

  2. I made us the bitch clique. "Is she wearing a potato sack?"