Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Update

My cutting back on alcohol has been fairly successful, partly because I'm so busy, and partly because I stopped drinking beer at all. It's carbonated, and it's killing my running efforts, so I stopped having cerveza.

I haven't had fast food in weeks, and that alone makes me feel great, but I also don't eat fried food or anything with a lot of sugar or fat. I run at least four times (sometimes more) a week, and most of my liquid intake is water (as it should be). I've been getting plenty of sleep, and I'm probably going to get a membership at Anytime Fitness soon so I can get some quick strength training in after work or while I'm just chilling on the weekends. There's one close to my house, one close to the University, and one close to Outback, so it seems pretty ideal. Plus, for me, being healthy means not losing any weight... Gotta keep working the muscles or they will be even more non-existent.

Things are going well at both jobs, and my class is pretty straightforward, so things are good. Just wanted to let y'all know that I feel great.

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  1. Wonderful news Scott. Great job on the healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work.