Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So my life is crazy. There's never enough time or money or energy to get all the things I need/have/want to do.

Of course, I'm doing school - 18 hours of 4000 level classes... and I want a 4.0. We will see. Also, I am on IFC, and we meet fairly regularly. I am doing a lot of stuff with Greek Life apart from IFC and SAE, so that's another commitment. Then I'm obviously in SAE, where I am Pledge Educator, so I write and deliver all the history and stuff for new members, plus, I'm starting from scratch on that program because I want it to be revolutionary and win an award. I'm also the Correspondent and Chronicler, so there's more stuff. Then this past Thursday I became the President of the newly established Tyler Student Chapter of SHRM at UTT, and we're planning on winning a national award. Then of course, I work in Career Services, so that is a good chunk of time as well.

I'm just trying to keep my head above water, honestly. I'm not sure what all this is going to do for me someday, but hopefully it helps me get into an amazing MBA program. I've looked at a ton of them: everything from UTD to Yale. I'm sure that once I get there (where ever "there" is) that the fun won't stop. I can't help but be over-involved. Here's the clincher to this post: I do say no to people. All the time actually. I'm constantly being asked if I can do things, and I just say no and offer no explanation which makes me sound like an ass, but whatever.

I'm ready for my Narnia collection to come in the mail. I need a new book to read.

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